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The Inside Guide for Young Professionals

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“Find Your Perfect Job greatly changed my perspective on the options available after college! Scott speaks from experience, and the advice he gives is honest and insightful. His step-by-step guide to finding the job that fits yours skills and ambitions will get you thinking critically about your best possible future. Best of all, his tips and hints really work. This quick, easy read will make a great graduation present!”

-Samantha, Boston University '10


“I was one of the countless undergraduates who talk themselves into applying to law school out of insecurity and a lack of patience. I spoke enthusiastically about the law to my family and friends, hoping that one day I'd feel as convinced about it as I sounded. Fortunately, I found this little volume just in time. Find Your Perfect Job gave me the ability to take a step back and identify the field that I actually care about, the career that I truly want, and all the options that are available to me. This book also gave me the practical tools I needed to land a position at a prestigious NGO that I've always admired. Thank you, Scott, for giving me the courage to seek my perfect job and career.”

-Clara, Harvard University '09


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