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The Inside Guide for Young Professionals

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Where can I buy the book?

Find Your Perfect Job is available on,, and other select online retailers. Click here to purchase: BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON


Who is the book for?

Find Your Perfect Job is for young professionals and college students who are looking for a job, considering graduate school, or trying to change careers. Its content is tailored for young professionals, but much of its advice will help job seekers of any age or background.


Does the book have strategies to combat the recession?

Absolutely. Find Your Perfect Job is full of techniques to help you identify hidden opportunities and stand out from the competition. The strategies in this book are geared toward achieving jobs that are hard to land—whether there is a recession or not.


Why did you write the book?

During my own search for my Perfect Job and through conversations with fellow job seekers, I saw a real need for a straight-talking, inside career guide for young professionals. In writing this book, I also hoped to inspire young professionals to not just look for any job, but to identify and land their “Perfect Job.” Find Your Perfect Job contains the tools to do exactly that.


Can I help spread the word?

Yes! Please share the news about this valuable new resource with anyone who is undertaking a job search or considering graduate school. Please also visit the Find Your Perfect Job page on Facebook and click the Like button: VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE